Episode 1: Welcome to the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club

We introduce you to The Knitting Boutique’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Club, talk to Sivia Harding about her new sweater design, and introduce you to Bonita, the Personal Shopper. Show highlights include:

  • Dianna and Joyce introduce themselves
  • Local customer? Make sure you join our Knitting Boutique Loyalty Club
  • What are Curls?
  • Sivia’s Flutter Front Cardigan design
  • Register for our Flutter Front Cardigan national knit-a-long by emailing us
  • Bonita, the Personal Shopper is here to help

Curls cover

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Bonita, Personal Shopper

Join Bonita in her Flutter Front National Knit-a-Long on Ravelry

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5 thoughts on “Episode 1: Welcome to the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club

  1. OMG, I just found your podcast!!! It’s Wonderful!!! One of these days I plan to make a trip out to your store. I’m an hour away from your shop. :-( Wish we lived closer. Thanks so much for the podcasts!! Love them.

  2. Love, love, love the podcasts!!! Dianna and Joyce are absolutely charming. I could not stop listening and ended up listening to all three at once. I cannot wait for the next podcast. The topics are beneficial to new and long time knitters. Dianna and Joyce make you feel as if you are having a chat with them over a cup of coffee.

  3. Congratulations on your podcast! I just downloaded all three. I live in PG County so I don’t get to visit the store as often as I’d like but with the podcast and online ordering I should be able to stay well connected. :)

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