Episode 7: Shirley Paden Kicks Off the Boutique Sweater Club

In this episode, Shirley Paden kicks off The Knitting Boutique’s Sweater Club. Shirley also shares her philosophy about designing and knitting.

  • We preview our eight new clubs for 2016.
  • Bonita joins us with her Tips and Techniques.
  • And we talk about our podcast giveaway!

Knitwear Design cropped

Shirley sketch

final sketch design

Join one of our 8 Clubs for 2016 Join one of our 8 Clubs for 2016

Lux screen shot

crescere 2

Cresecre Shrug Knit-a-long with Bonita.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 7: Shirley Paden Kicks Off the Boutique Sweater Club

  1. Love it when i get a notice of a new podcast! This morning i gathered up my KB ‘Boot Toppers,’ a cup of tea and was in heaven!

  2. I just discovered your podcast after seeing a post about it by Shirley Paden. (I am a big fan of Shirley’s) I listen to many knitting podcasts, but I found yours to be a bit more lively than most, your music upbeat and the content is engaging. Keep up the good work. I’ll be listening.

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