Episode 13: It’s Our Anniversary!

In this episode, celebrate our 4th year anniversary with us!

  • Joyce and Dianna walk down memory lane (just a little) as we celebrate the store’s 4th anniversary.
  • Our customers celebrate our anniversary with us and share their well wishes.
  • And, we introduce you to our next Maryland Showcase, the “Dora Shawl” made in Sassafras.

logo on wall cropped

Our store sign building built!

outdoors sign

Hanging the sign up on our bricks and mortar!


The shell of the store before build out.

Furniture arrives!

Furniture arrives!

First Friday Celebration

First Friday Celebration

annivesary day

Sale shopping at our 4th year anniversary celebration.

Cider and cookies at our anniversary.

Cider and cookies at our anniversary.

Dora Shawl 3

The Dora Shawl in Sassafras, our October Maryland Showcase

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3 thoughts on “Episode 13: It’s Our Anniversary!

  1. Great issue. Had a great time at the anniversary celebration. Thanks for having such a great shop with so many great and encouraging employees. Debbie

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