Episode 16: Introducing Wandering Wool

In this episode, we talk to Joelle from Wandering Wool about her yarn for our Sock Club.

  • We talk about the eight clubs that you can join before the new year begins.
  • And Joyce talks about gifts that you can purchase for the holiday season.

Joelle 1 low

Yarn from Wandering Wool for the Boutique Sock Club.

Order the Mill’s Choice calendar for 2016

Order your Knitting Boutique gift card.


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One thought on “Episode 16: Introducing Wandering Wool

  1. I enjoyed learning how gradient yarn is dyed after being knit up and then is unravelled into a cake. And the various club descriptions all sound like great fun. I’d appreciate hearing more knitting technique tips now and again on the podcasts. Regardless, thanks for doing this great podcast.

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