Episode 29: A Virtual Visit to Kenya

In this episode, we travel to Kenya with Mary of KinoKnits who lives and knits in Kenya.

  • Bonita gives our listeners a new knitting tip.
  • And, Joyce invites you to send us postcards of your knitting as part of “Knit in Public Day.”

Bonita (left) talks to a student.

Stork Kit full cropped

The Maribou by KinoKnits.

Email your photo to Boutique@KnittingBoutique.com.

Email your photo to Boutique@KnittingBoutique.com.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 29: A Virtual Visit to Kenya

  1. As I listened to Bonita’so tip I am in the process of reknitting a sweater for the exact same reason. My pattern was originally knit in the round and I am re-doing it as a seamed garment. Can Bonita give us some tips on alternating rows when knitting in the round? Specifically keeping the place where you switch rows neat. Thanks!

  2. I love the information on these podcasts! They are funny, knowledgeable and interesting! Keep up the great work, people!

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