Episode 41: The Jetsons and Slow TV

In this episode, we continue our discussions on our 2017 Clubs. We talk to Teresa Ruch who shares her plans for the Jetsons theme.

  • Joyce tells us about the fun of Slow TV.
  • And, Sensai Cathy answers a customer’s question.

Slow TV train

Slow TV train

Norway knitting

Norway knitting


G409R6 The Jetsons cartoon animated series

G409R6 The Jetsons cartoon animated series

Freddy and the Tenceltown Club

Velma and the 2016 Tenceltown Club

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3 thoughts on “Episode 41: The Jetsons and Slow TV

  1. I enjoy the Saturday podcasts. Although I live in Florida, I love to knit. I am always inspired by the Knitting Boutique emails, website, and podcasts.

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