Episode 58: Celtic Crochet


In this episode, we talk to author Bonnie Barker about her new book Celtic Crochet.

  • We update our listeners on our 8 Club choices.
  • And, we have a tip and technique from Sensai Cathy.

wine shawl 2 cover

Bonnie Bay Crochet cover

Pattern by Bonnie Barker

Pattern by Bonnie Barker


Pattern by Bonnie Barker

Pattern by Bonnie Barker

Pattern by Bonnie Barker

American Gothic Postcard 1 cropped2

Gothic yarn double cropped2

Master pieces American Gothic yarn

Aringa 1 low2

Rare Breeds Club pattern

Sensai Cathy

Sensai Cathy

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One thought on “Episode 58: Celtic Crochet

  1. It was great to be able to hear Bonnie on your program. I have been a fan of hers for a good 5 years at least, and have completed numerous blankets from her designs. (I still think there’s gotta be a pic of the granny square swimsuit somewhere) She is definitely (with the help of her videos) the one who taught me: ” If you can do granny squares, you can do anything. Just have faith in yourself.” It really is true. Because of her, I have been able to explore many new blankets that I never thought possible. Thank you Bonnie, and thank you for featuring her on your podcast! Great job!

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