Episode 62: Oomingmak: The Bearded One


In this episode, Joyce and her daughter Louisa talk about the fun and challenges of Intarsia.

  • Joyce visits Alaska and brings back some yarn yummies.
  • And we announce podcast giveaway winners.

muskox vertical 2

muskox vertical 2

Muskox 3

Oomingmak Coop

Oomingmak Coop

intarsia louisa 3

intarsia louisa 2

intarsia louisa1

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Book Primary 3

Book Festival 2

Louisa and Joyce pix

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One thought on “Episode 62: Oomingmak: The Bearded One

  1. Your podcast is such a sunny spot in the day that I get to listen to it. Thank you for your excitement about yarn and handwork and the expertise that you share.

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