Episode 76: New Zealand Knitting, Part 2


In this episode, we listen to our New Zealand guest about learning how to knit and the New Zealand brush tail possum.

  • Plus, it’s time for our Maryland Showcase.
  • And, we’ll preview our next show for you.

Fish Pepper hat 1 cropped

Fish Pepper hat 1 cropped

Mike Dickinson cropped

new zealand possum cropped

Penguin screenshot

Fish Peppers cropped

Fish Pepper hat 1 cropped

Fish Pepper hat 2 cropped

Fish Pepper color choices

Fish Pepper color choices

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2 thoughts on “Episode 76: New Zealand Knitting, Part 2

  1. Just listened to the latest podcast. The story about the pepper seeds was interesting. Does the former librarian Joyce know about the seed library projects currently operating in public libraries in Michigan and maybe other states as well? Check it out!
    And as for patterns for men to knit, has anyone told the fellow from New Zealand about the Simple Collection from Tin Can Knits? They are well written, very wearable and sized for everyone!!!
    Really enjoy your podcasts ❤️

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