Episode 92: Giovanni’s Collection


In this episode, we introduce our new yarn clubs for 2019, including the Giovanni’s Collection.

  • We talk to the designer Karen Gietzen about her new designs for the club.
  • Plus, we’ve returned from Knitter’s Day Out, and we share some of our interviews.

giovanni2 cropped2 again

giovanni2 cropped2 again

Nico cropped

Frederick cropped

KDO 6 cropped

KDO 8 cropped

KDO 7 cropped

KDO 10 cropped

KDO 9 cropped

KDO 5 cropped

KDO 3 cropped

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One thought on “Episode 92: Giovanni’s Collection

  1. Hi Joyce and Diana!

    Another great show! I always look forward to the e-mail saying there’s a new podcast to listen to! And this was another fun one. I love nature so I think the river walk club sounds interesting.



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