About Us

Dianna and Joyce host The Knitting Boutique’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Club Podcast. Friends for more than ten years, the two bring their joy of life, knitting and community to each episode.


Joining the two are Bonita, the Boutique’s Personal Shopper and Sensai Cathy. Both have worked at The Knitting Boutique since its inception and share their in depth knowledge of yarn and fiber with listeners.

Bonita, The Personal Shopper

When I was 13 years old my mother’s friend gathered a group of neighborhoods girls together for knitting lessons. We all selected different projects and she guided us through. My project was a pair of knee socks with cables from knee to toe, which I finished and wore for many years. This was interesting because our family lived in Nigeria and knee socks wren the last thing any person would wear in the heat of an African country. Anyway, I have been knitting ever since.

Many projects later, after a career as a Research Librarian I began working and teaching at me local yarn shop. I began on a trial basis – just to get out of the house – and now ten years later, I am still at it. I have sharpened my skills overtime and continue to learn from other knitters. I knit ALL the time. My favorite projects are sweaters that have texture (cables or lace) and interesting construction.

Two of  Bonita's grandchildren I have shared my passion of knitting and fiber with my two daughters and my eight grandchildren. All of them know how to knit (even the five boys), but my nine-year old granddaughter is the most interested. She began reading knitting patterns before reading Harry Potter and has now made two sweaters for herself. One of my grandsons has been known to take a break from skateboarding at the skate park and knit with me.  I am fortunate to have family who love and WEAR any and everything that I knit.

Sensai Cathy

Sensai Cathy

I got into the fiber arts from a school art project about 15 years ago, and I haven’t stopped since. I didn’t get into teaching until about a year after the Boutique opened, and I found I liked it. Around the shop, I’ve been noted for my experience and knowledge. I didn’t have the benefit of a relative or a shop to teach me, I didn’t even have internet access. I started out with a few books from the library, tried it out, then went in search of more material. When I discovered fiber content on the web, that opened the horizon even wider. Now I have a whole library of fiber titles that I still consult regularly, I think the books outnumber the yarn at the moment. Within the fiber arts, my interests lie in textured work and lace, filet crochet, fiber preparation and yarn production, and finding new ways to play with squishable things.

There’s a whole big world out there, and I’ve got a lot of time to explore it. If I’m not at work or playing with fiber, you can find me reading, writing, or practicing with the community band

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