Maryland showcase

About Maryland

Maryland is an east coast Mid-Atlantic state with abundant waterways and coastlines on the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Baltimore is the state’s largest city and is the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem.

This Month's Feature

1st Telegraph Line

For this month’s Maryland Showcase, we are featuring the first long distance telegraph system in the United States.  In 1843, Samuel Morse, setup the telegraph line from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore.  On May 24, 1844 Morse transmitted the first message via telegraph in the United States.  The message stated, “What Hath God Wrought!” in a series of dots and dashes.

Before the telegraph, the only form of long distance communication was on horse but now, connectivity between eastern, northern, and western areas of the country was much faster.  This invention made railroads safer, communication between businesses more efficient, and allowed America to expand westward.

Because Morse’s message was a series of dots and dashes, we have used Lisa Lucia’s Dots & Dashes Double Knitting pattern.  We used our Anacostia Superwash in Worsted weight.  You can order yarn kits for either the hat, scarf, or both!  There are plenty of colorways to choose from.  Click below for more information.