Celebrating Yarn with Each and Every Stitch

Our exclusive yarn line is named after rivers in Maryland and can only be found at The Knitting Boutique. We’re known for blending quality fibers including merino, bamboo, silk, and Blue Faced Leicester to create unique, soft, enjoyable yarn for all your projects.

Yarn from the Farm

We work with a local family-owned farm that sources, spins, and dyes our yarn exclusively for us. Sweitzer Mill Farm in southern Pennsylvania has been in the family for more than 60 years. Once more than 300 acres and three different farms, the land has now been divided among the children and grandchildren. Heather and Jason Sweitzer have been farming on their 132 -acre farm parcel for the last ten years.

Heather’s Harvest yarn

Heather's own yarn line called "Heather's Harvest" that celebrates the farm. Soybean, maize and milk are all part of the natural blends in Heather's Harvest Yarns.  Super soft, super squishy and super unique make up this new yarn line from Heather Sweitzer. Beautiful colors and amazing blends.

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